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Have a pink drum that would look better in fushia? Want that tired old snare to be resurrected as a kick drum? Well. That's... we're not here to judge. If you have a drum and and an idea, but don’t know how to put them together, Schinbein Drum Co. can seriously help you out.

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Close-up of a modified custom snare drum

Make it Yours

One of our clients brought in a 14" x 4" copper snare drum, purchased from a shop on Granville Street in Vancouver. He didn't like the hoops or the wires, but the shell was beautiful.

Instead of starting from scratch, we turned that copper shell into an amazing drum that was used for years, and for a fraction of what a custom snare would have cost. Not that you shouldn’t buy custom drums. Custom drums are awesome.

On the road… again?

One of our favourite modifications to do is cutting shells in half so you can nest your drums inside one another, so that they take up less space when you’re out on the road. How cool is that‽

What’s your idea?

Want wooden hoops on your toms? Want to turn that random extraneous tom into a snare drum? How about a busking kick from a floor tom? Whatever you want, get in touch and we’ll talk it out.

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“Hoak is easily one of the best sounding & well built drums I have ever played in over 30 years in the industry.”

Hoak has a note & body that sings for days – it’s a truly beautiful drum. Absolutely musical in every way. I love it! Thanx Phillip – don’t stop building.

Nice words provided by Torst Trenka, Melbourne, VIC

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