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Why Schinbein?Why Schinbein?

Schinbein Drum Company hand-builds custom Snare Drums and Cajones to spec and to order. Do you have a specific sound in mind? Go custom! You can have a completely unique sound and look, built exactly the way you want it.

  • Detail shot of a Schinbein snare drum

    – Fact No. 01 – Superior Sound

    In order to achieve "just the right sound", many factors are considered when we build your custom drum. In addition to the maths involved, we custom tailor combinations of wood species to dial in exactly the sound you’re after.

  • A rough sketch for a custom snare drum

    – Fact No. 02 – We're Drum Nerds

    We're not just builders, we're players. Er, drum players anyway. And we're not just drum builders and players, we're also nerds. Fancy a custom drum built based on golden ratio dimensions? Why, that's right up our alley.

  • Schinbein Drum Company's Logistics Officer, Boingo.

    – Fact No. 03 – Independent as F***

    We're proud to be a small company that cares about our products. Bonus: when you buy from an independent company like Schinbein Drum Co., you put food on a table instead of profits in a corporate savings account. We like food!

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