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Your Custom Cajón Your Custom Cajón

Ever feel like having a jam and not wanting to bring your full kit? Does your band have a simple arrangement idea and rehearsal coming up? Do you want to busk without lugging around a full kit? A Cajón may be just the thing for you!

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“Hoak is easily one of the best sounding & well built drums I have ever played in over 30 years in the industry.”

Hoak has a note & body that sings for days – it’s a truly beautiful drum. Absolutely musical in every way. I love it! Thanx Phillip – don’t stop building.

Nice words provided by Torst Trenka, Melbourne, VIC

A custom cajón built by Schinbein Custom Drums

This Crate Has History

Based on shipping crates played by slaves on shipping docks in 17th century South America, The Cajón is essentially just a wooden box with a sound hole like a guitar on the back plate.

Create Your Custom Cajón

The front “tapa” (Spanish for “top”) is usually a thinner piece of wood loosely attached to the body of the Cajón. The standard paint job is bright orange with a dark brown satin finished stain on the front tapa, but we can colour your world with any hue you like.

Also, if you’d like we can help you source out all kinds of accessories as well. Anything from bells and tambourines that are designed to be strapped to your ankles or feet, cases, even cable operated kick drum pedals are out there.

What’s It Used For?

The Cajón is really taking off lately as a fun alternative to traditional drum sets. Not to mention their usual use in tango and other Latin musical styles.

Cajones can also be used in studio to “double” drum set parts in an effort to add a bit more punch to the kick and snare. The trick is to play exactly what you recorded on your drum set on the Cajón and then bury it in the mix so that it gets “lost”. This technique allows your kick and snare sounds to really cut through, without the need for a bunch of ambiance-killing compression. It’s kind of like underlining, italicizing, emboldening, and setting your kick and snare in bright-red all caps: they’ll really stand out.

Want In?

If you’re excited, we wouldn’t blame you: these things are so much fun that we refer to them as “Fun Machines”. And with a starting price of only a couple hundred bucks, these crates truly are an inexpensive and fun way to expand your drum arsenal.

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