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To make great music, musicians need great gear. Drummers need unique voices in their arsenal – especially their snare. With this mentality in mind, Schinbein Drum Company only builds unique and custom snare drums for discerning clientele; every drum is unique just like our customers.

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“Just received my titanium snare drum. Wow what a nice piece of workmanship. Well built and looks great too.”

It will be getting a full test and workout at Octoberfest this weekend at the cuckoo. But so far very impressive. Thank you Phillip for making such a musical instrument. Best wishes for your continued success.

Nice words provided by Robert Molnar, Melbourne, VIC

The official Schinbein Drum Company Mascot, perched on a snare

Building a Custom Snare

Sound familiar? After you decide to buy a new snare drum, you end up disillusioned because you can’t find the right option. So you compromise, buy a snare that you don't love, and fall into a dark depression.

Is there another way?

Yes! You don’t HAVE to settle for second-best, and you don’t have to spend $1000s to go custom. Just follow our patented process* and you’ll soon be on your way to snare drum greatness:

  1. Check out our CUSTOM work above
  2. Fill out the quote form or contact us
  3. Engage in some back-and-forth, and have us build you a custom snare drum, specifically crafted to your… specifications
  4. Rejoice!

*Process may not be patented. Cat available for extra charge.

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Bruce with a Hardware Upgrade--side-grade?

Our Process

We'll work with you to build your dream snare. Here's what you can expect of our process.

Sir Chats-a-Lot

We start with a massive round of emails and phone calls, back-and-forth between you and our builder, squaring away every single little detail of your drum, from the shell material to the finish and everywhere in betwixt the two. That’s right: betwixt.

Buildy McBuilderson

Once we’re both happy that we’ve created the drum you want, we go to work and create wonders out in our workshop. And sawdust.

The Shipster

Once completed, if you live in Melbourne like we do, we’ll hand-deliver your hand-built drum to your doorstep. If not, it goes in the post, packed safely, securely, and with just as much love as went into building the thing.

Follows Uppers

Our discussions don’t end just because we’ve been paid: you’ll hear from us a month later asking how it’s going. At this point you’ll likely be gushing about your new snare drum, and will never need to buy another one again (unless, of course, you want to – they make excellent gifts, even for non-drummers!*).

*May not actually make excellent gifts for non-drummers.

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Schinbein Drum Company

Pre-Made vs. Hand-Built

We don’t do pre-made drums, nor do we carry a stock of ready-to-buy snares.

We do, however, have a standard hardware package that we’ve created to best suit the needs of our clients, and it’s one we prefer to use. Deviations are obviously possible, but we’ve found it’s usually easier to have a starting point from which to deviate.

Standard Hardware Setup

  • Chrome Tube Lugs
  • Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops
  • Chrome Heavy Duty Strainer
  • Evans 360 heads
  • Puresound super 30 snare wires
  • Trademark Gloss Orange Vent
  • A brushed steel coloured badge
  • Black, brass and various powder coated hardware colours are available at an additional charge

Optional Hardware Variations

  • Strainers
    • Dunnett, Taye, INDe, et cetera
  • Lugs
    • Tell me what you like, and I can probably get it
  • Hoops (or combinations if you like)
    • 3mm Triple flange
    • Die Cast
    • Single Flange
    • Kick Style Wood
    • Block Style Wood

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