23” Flat China/Ride Hybrid

Imagine a Flat Ride and a Swish Knocker had a 23" half-lathed baby. Now chuck some rivets in it.... Lunacy!

$650.00 AUD

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A close up detail shot of a China style cymbal with no bell.

A China with no bell, Craziness!

Dylan Redman from Red Cymbals and I collaborated on a cymbal, and it's quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard.

With an ear towards creating a low volume, high class, "one-ping-to-rule-them-all" type cymbal, we've made a fantastic 23" flat ride-china hybrid complete with eight rivets! 

Like all Red cymbals, this one is hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey; the undisputed home and birthplace of modern cymbal making.

The Specs:

  • 23" China style cymbal with no bell.
  • Half Lathed top and bottom
  • Medium-low profile
  • Medium weight
  • Available with or without solid brass bifurcated rivets, however many you'd like installed in-house.
    • (My own personal one has 8)

Available Now!

  • Please allow 3-5 weeks lead time as these cymbals are made to order half-way around the world. 
  • Due to Manufacturing Processes, finish may vary slightly from one cymbal to the next. 
  • All Prices listed in Australian Dollarydoos
  • Domestic and International shipping is available.
  • Dealer pricing available in Australia with a valid ABN to established drum stores only.

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