Vista Series Snare Drum

The Vista Series is a limited run of 10 snare drums custom-built by Schinbein Drum Co. Their shells will be comprised entirely from timber reclaimed from a leather scarfing workbench taken out of a factory that used to specialize in footwear components.


$1799.00 AUD

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The workbench itself was made in 1967 of reclaimed timber. We have no clue how old it is, or even definitively what species it is; most likely either Messmate or Mountain Ash. This bench was built before importing timber for industrial or structural use was really a thing.  Why would they really, Australian hardwoods are known around the world for their intense strength and hardness.  All we know is that it is insanely hard.

There will be some imperfections in the wood. They will be left there on purpose – as many as I can while still retaining the structural integrity of the shell.

These shells will be made entirely in house, and the drums will be entirely built in Australia.

The Specs:

  • 30-piece, 14x6 stave shell
  • Hand applied all-natural satin oil finish
  • Beavertail lugs
  • 4mm straight hoops with vintage-style mini-claws
  • Hendrix sleeves
  • Metalex SDC Badge
  • Signature Orange Vent
  • Dunnet R845 "Beer Tap" Throw Off
  • Evans Drum heads
  • Puresound snare wires
  • Includes hand made leather case 
    • Custom made to match each drum
    • Including serial number to match the drum
    • Hand made in Melbourne
    • Made in collaboration with Dawson St. Leather Co; the spiritual successor to Vista Industries from where both the name and the timber for these drums came!

Each drum is serialized, and numbers are given out on a first come first served basis. If you want #1, get your order in ASAP!

Pre-orders now available:

  • Pre-orders are available starting January 1st, 2021
  • Production of shells to begin January 15th, 2021
  • Pre-orders must be paid in full
  • Shipping/fulfilment will begin in March 2021
  • All Prices listed in Australian Dollarydoos
  • Domestic and International shipping is available.
  • Dealer pricing available in Australia with a valid ABN to established drum stores only.
This is a photo of Phil Schinbein extremely excited about his timber haul.

Vista Series Raw Timber

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