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We meticulously repair, modify, and restore your drums as well as help streamline your drum recording processes in Reservoir, a suburb in the north of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Save money by repairing or restoring your old, battered drums

    – Fact No. 01 – We Save You Money

    Repairs and modifications are typically cheaper than buying new gear, and when we streamline your recording process(es), you end up spending less time in-studio, and less money on the recording. We can even sell a kit on your behalf and make you some money (which you can then put towards a shiny new custom drum).

  • Phillip Schinbein: founder of Schinbein Drum Co. and all-around well-bearded man

    – Fact No. 02 – We Do Great Work

    Everything we do is backed up by our personal guarantee to "do it right or make it right". Nothing leaves the shop that isn’t as close to perfection as humanly possible. In fact, if you find a mistake or something we have overlooked, bring it back and we will make it right at our expense.

  • Our drum experts can help you achieve your drum-related goals

    – Fact No. 03 – We Provide Expertise

    Want to do something interesting with your equipment, but aren't sure where to start? Let’s have a chat and see what we can come up with: we thrive in bizarre circumstances, and love making magic from the mundane. Creative solutions to common problems are our stock in trade. (Insert other catchy slogans here.)

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