Drum Repairs

You Break, We Fix You Break, We Fix

"Oops. Help! I broke my…" says every drummer to have ever lived. Let’s face it, sometimes we get a bit carried away and have a meathead night. Most things can be repaired or at least patched up. We love a challenge!

A table full of parts for a snare drum repair

Can't Fix It? Replace It!

Busted a drumhead? Well, that can't be fixed - but don't fret! Although not everything can be repaired, anything can be replaced.

In addition to building amazing custom drums, Schinbein Drum Company has an uncanny ability to source the perfect replacement parts.

If we can’t fix something, we’ll hunt down a replacement, install it on your kit, tune it up, and get you back to making sweet, sweet cacophonous noise in no time!


“Just received my titanium snare drum. Wow what a nice piece of workmanship. Well built and looks great too.”

It will be getting a full test and workout at Octoberfest this weekend at the cuckoo. But so far very impressive. Thank you Phillip for making such a musical instrument. Best wishes for your continued success.

Nice words provided by Robert Molnar, Melbourne, VIC

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