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Old, But Like New Old, But Like New

Did you find a fantastic old snare drum in your weird uncle’s attic? Or a beaut from the 60s in rough shape at a garage sale? Get in touch with us, and we'll get that grand-dame back to playable for you. We can even sell it on your behalf if you’d like (for a small percentage, of course).

Close-up photo of a Gretch Kit restored by Schinbein Drum Company

Back from the Dead

In spite of occasionally getting shot in the face by random springs in old Gretsch internal mufflers we love to bring new life to classic and vintage gear.

There’s just something about drums that are 40 or 50 years old. The wood is aged and has mellowed out. The hardware is art deco classy. You know you’re smashing away in the footsteps of your heroes.

Orange With Envy

You know what else is great about restoring vintage gear? You get to smugly smile knowingly at the drum envy of your other drummer friends while they covetously admire your gear. We can help you get there.

Show us what you’ve got, and we’ll help you get sorted in no time.

Taking a photo of a snare drum for sale

Have Something to Sell?

If you just want to restore something to put it up on eBay, we can help you out.

We can take the kit off your hands, repair it, get our professional in-house photographer to photograph it, post it, and give you what’s left after our modest fees.

Our Fees

  • You pay for the parts and labour for the repair/restoration
  • We take 15% of the profit (after subtracting fees and whatnot to pay our photographer)

What Can We Sell?

We can help you sell pretty much any piece of gear you have lying around that is surplus to your needs. It needn’t be fancy, vintage or even particularly interesting.

For more information on this process, fill out our service quote form and let us know what you have.


“Hoak is easily one of the best sounding & well built drums I have ever played in over 30 years in the industry.”

Hoak has a note & body that sings for days – it’s a truly beautiful drum. Absolutely musical in every way. I love it! Thanx Phillip – don’t stop building.

Nice words provided by Torst Trenka, Melbourne, VIC

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