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You Play, We Record You Play, We Record

The less time you spend setting up and tuning your kit, the less money you will spend on studio time. That means more time actually recording your album. No stress, NO DRAMA!

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Coffee, drums, microphones. Questions?

Get Playing

If you plan to head into the studio to record your band’s latest magnum opus, Schinbein Drum Co. can help you get the most out of your time and energy, and focus on what's most important: the tune you are about to record.

Bullet Points!

If all you’re interested in is hitting the studio and recording, we’d love to be your technical support. Here’s how we can help:

  • Get your kit ready to record
  • Come to the studio, set up and tune your drum set
  • Help your engineer with microphone placement and choice as well
  • Provide rental snare drums and cymbals to help vary up your sounds in studio

20+ Years Experience

Our tech support expert started young: at twelve years old he picked up a marching snare for the first time, promptly broke it, and then repaired it before anyone noticed (thus avoiding inevitable trouble!). We’ve been breaking, repairing, and modifying gear ever since.

And since we’re players too, we’ve been around the world, and played some rather dauntingly huge shows (and many, many, small and depressing ones as well). So we’re not just book-educated: we’ve been relying on our own knowledge to get through for over two decades.

Bonus: we’ve made our own ridiculously expensive mistakes back in the day, and can save you the hassle of doing the same.

Do You Like Money? Coffee?

By streamlining your recording process through efficient time management, you will spend more time playing and working out what to play.

While we’re setting up your drums, you can be in the booth discussing what to do first or next and how that tune will go. You can grab a coffee and relax a bit (caffeine is a great relaxant!), so that you can come in and lay down some tracks without any stress or drama.

Bonus: it’s cheaper to modify existing gear rather than buying new. (Cough, we’d love to build you a custom drum, cough.)

We’ll Fit Your Schedule

Typically, building custom drums isn’t particularly time specific, so we can fit things in and around your schedule. We’ll work with what works for you, not the other way around.

Click that “QUOTE ME” button below and we’ll get started – when YOU’RE ready.

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“Just been jamming with Maddy Leman and The Desert Swells with my Schinbein Drum Co. custom snare. Great sounding drum. Beautiful work. Thanks again Phillip”

Nice words provided by Richard Wise, Melbourne, VIC

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